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The SHM Foundation

The Client

The SHM Foundation supports people and communities in developing solutions to the challenges they face, in ways that work for them.

The Objective

After last refreshing their website in 2017 The SHM Foundation wanted to redesign their website structure to enable them to communicate their vision, values and the work they do more effectively.

The Solution

To achieve this I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to rethink their wider brand identity and introduce some more character into the brand.

By building upon the core black, white and orange identity that we'd already established, we introduced a secondary colour palette with friendly pastel colours to tone down the harshness of the original colour scheme. We also created a humanistic illustration style and added animated backgrounds with perpetual fluid motion to tell the story of persistent change and adaption.

In order to tell the story of the Foundation's work more effectively, we designed the website copy to lead the users with a strong narrative and used well-placed call to action buttons to direct them through to the next section.

Upon completion of the website, we then set about updating the rest of the organisation's design assets and templates to match.

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