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The Buzzard's Nest

The Client

The Buzzard’s Nest is a brand new startup that provides arts and crafts workshops to children and adults. They also design and host activities for private events such as children’s birthday parties and weddings.

The Objective

To launch their business the client needed a bold, eyecatching brand that felt highly energetic, creative and fun. To be successful it needed to appeal to both children and adults, and be gender neutral and have accessibility and inclusivity in mind.

The Solution

To achieve this objective, i created a brand identity that was made up of a library of components. Dozens of shapes, squiggly lines and colours. All of which could be layered ontop of each other in an infinite number of ways.

The main body font that we used was OpenDyslexic, a font designed specifically to make each character as uniquely identifiable as possible which allows it to be read more easily by children and people with dyslexia.

I also designed and developed a website that enables them to communicate what workshops their hosting and enable users to purchase tickets. Customers can also discover their variety of party packages and make bookings for their private events.

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