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Graze & More

The Client

Graze & More was founded in 2019 by Rachael Probert. A professional chef with a decades worth of experience catering for restaurants and events. She started Graze & More with the goal of providing beautiful hand-crafted grazing platters, that bring a luxury experience delivered to the door at an affordable price.

The Objective

Having successfully launched her business with a self-made logo. Rachael now wanted to ensure her business continues to thrive, and aims to drive growth through having a consistent and recognisable brand identity.

The Solution

Working with Rachael to reimagine and professionalise the company's branding and identity, I employed a sans-serif Art Deco style typeface with custom ligatures to convey the elegance of a fine dining experience in order to appeal to more upmarket clientele.

I used a limited colour palette of navy blue with gold accents to maintain the sophisticated appeal of the logo. The hand-drawn illustrations of food aim to remind customers of the hand-crafted aspect of Graze & More’s products.

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