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The Client

The Ahumuza Centre is the largest mental health care service provider in rural South West Uganda, treating over 400 patients a month and offering access to quality services despite having constrained resources for mental health.

The Objective

The Ahumuza Centre's ambition is to scale up their work in order to reach more beneficiaries. In order to grow the organisation they needed to be seen as an international resource able to provide knowledge and awareness about MH care. This requires breaking through the stigma associated with mental health through targeted communication with the community.

The Solution

By re-branding and creating a visual identity for the Ahumuza Centre we set them on a path where they can present their work and methodologies to the world, making them more legitimate and distinguished in their field and enabling them to receive international grants.

The brand identity that we created for them conveys a sense of hope and moving forwards. We tried to think about the lives of their patients who were chained up in dark conditions by themselves neglected and hidden away and we thought about the impact of the light and the warmth from the sun and how life changing it must be to throw off those chains and step outside into a new life of care and support.

The logo evokes the imagery of the sunrise and the warmth and hope it provides as we look to a brighter future. We’ve kept the graphics very simple, minimal and understated. The fonts are smart and professional and we’ve used lower case lettering to appear slightly more informal and accessible. The colour palette for this route is a mixture of the warm and cool tones found in sunrise, ranging from reds through to orange yellow and dark blues to remind us of those dark nights.

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