About Josh Olins Design

Even from an early age I always new that I wanted to create things, whether it was out of Lego or just scribbles on a page it didn't matter, I was inspired by seeing things that had only existed in my imagination come to life in the real world. Now at the age of 20, I'm seeing my dreams come true, working as an inhouse designer for a consultancy firm based in London I've had the opportunity to exceed my wildest dreams, by working on a variety of projects in both the private and public sector, allowing me to see my creations come to life on an international stage. Whilst the nature of my work is mostly confidential and I don't own the rights to it, please browse through a small selection of my freelance and non-profit work below.

Besides design my other great passion is photography, the idea of capturing a moment in time is something that has fascinated me for years, but only something that I've recently started to take seriously as I begin to develop my understanding of the relationship between a photographer and their subject. Please click through to see a selection of my works.

Snowdon Expedition

As a Scout Leader, I've had many oportunities to put my skills to the test. For the group's 5th anniversary we took a selection the older scouts on an expedition to climb Mount Snowdon, to commemorate the event, I'd been commissioned to design a unique badge for the the climbers to add to their uniform.

3 Peaks Challenge

To help fundraise a Scouting trip to Japan, I undertook the grueling three peaks challange, in which I climbed the three highest peaks in the UK within 24 hours. To reward funders I designed this limited edition badge based on traditional Japanese artworks.

The Upcycle

The Upcycle, is a unique concept for an eco-friendly and sustainable form of transportation. Built with a wooden frame this bicycle is handmade using a selection of parts from an old discarded Raleigh Shopper, which has been upcycled into something which can be used again.


Please take a look at a small selection of my photographic work. I continually try to push myself out of my comfort zone, in an effort to keep my photography diverse and fresh, without specialising in specific subject matters or photographic styles.

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